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Forbes Magazine's Top 10 Healthiest Sports
Forbes Magazine released its list of the top ten healthiest sports. According to the famous magazine, the healthiest sport is squash and rowing is second. Rock climbing landed on the third spot, swimming is fourth, while cross-country skiing is fifth. The sixth placer is basketball, followed by cycling, running, and modern pentathlon. Despite being a popular tough sport, boxing is only on the tenth place. Forbes said that the results were based on interviews to personal trainers, exercise physiologists, fitness experts, and competitors. However, the magazine emphasized that the calorie burn, physiological benefits and injury risks will depend on how the athlete play the sport.

Yoga Digest
At Yoga Digest, you will find all things yoga, the various benefits of incorporating yoga in your routine, guidance on achieving fulfilment and happiness, wellness tips, and much more on living a healthy stress-free life. Other topics covered include weight-loss, meditation, balanced diet, and recipes to nutrition-rich snacks and meals. You will also find a lot of educational material, from medicine to inner-peace, to motivational talks, to enjoying every moment in life. Yoga Digest also has regular Podcasts covering spiritual, inspirational and lifestyle related topics, and offers a bi-monthly magazine filled with useful and enriching content for its readers. is the official website of the Muscle & Fitness magazine, with no less than Arnold Schwarzenegger as the executive editor. The site is a great source of workout routines, diet plans and healthy recipes, fitness inspiration and motivation, nutrition tips, and expert advice on gaining strength, losing fat and building a healthy body and the physique you always dream of. Besides the tons of articles, there are also a lot of tutorial videos of physical exercises. It also features the latest news on weightlifting, MMA, and other similar sports, as well as interviews to athletes and celebrities who are engaged in physical sports. There are also features on female athletes and women who love to go to the gym.

Water: The Best Sports Drink?
This article from Harvard Health Blog, titled Trade Sports Drinks for Water, discusses water as being the most critical for growth, muscle development and overall health. Since muscles are nearly 70 percent water, even a small loss of fluid will affect their function. Nerves control muscles. The electrical stimulation of nerves and contraction of muscles occurs due to the exchange of electrolytes dissolved in water across the nerve and muscle cell membranes. If you are low on water or electrolytes, as many triathletes run low in a race, muscle strength and control are weakened. A water deficit of just 2 to 4 percent of your body weight can cut your strength-training workout by as much as 21 percent, and your aerobic power by as much as 48 percent. Water is integral, as is electrolyte replacement for athletes.

Why All Athletes Should Cross Train
Most athletes are too caught up in their respective fields: runners hardly ever think about anything than covering miles, cyclists hardly get off their bikes, and swimmers do not do anything else than swim. However, too much focus on one field increases the risk of overusing certain groups of muscles and joints, leading to injury. To avoid this, athletes must cross train. In this article, one will find more reasons why all athletes must do cross training. Aside from preventing overuse injury, cross training also helps athletes spring back and recover from injury, keeps athletes from getting bored doing the same training over and over, and raise overall fitness levels.

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