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Ten Strategies For Better Concentration in Golf
Bill Cole, MS, MA, is an expert on sports psychology and the founder of the William B. Cole Consultants, a firm that offers mental game coaching sessions and consultations with various individuals and sports teams. Golf is a highly mental game. A golfer might have mastered the basics of alignment, swinging and all that, but these alone do not guarantee success. In this article, Cole shares ten strategies that will help golf players concentrate better. Some of these include creating a pre-zone period, committing to the shot, downsizing your vision, and quieting the noise in your head.

Get Authoritative Information About Chiropractic Care from the National Institute of Health
This informative site contains information for chiropractic health care consumers and providers alike. It is a great place to start learning about chiropractic care, the history of this branch of medicine, what to expect when being treated by a chiropractor and whether adjustments are safe. Tips for people thinking of seeing a chiropractor are provided, along with an overview of the education and training which chiropractors must undergo before starting to practice in the field. A number of helpful links to related sites are included. For services in Los Angeles chiropractic, Cooper Chiropractic Wellness Center on the northwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd., & Bundy Drive. The initial consultation is free

The Importance of Cross Training
Cross training, also called circuit training, refers to combined exercises of disciplines that the athlete is not training in. for example, a runner who does cycling, swimming or lifting is cross training. Why should athlete cross train? This article, written by ACSM Health Fitness Specialist Hope Epton explains the importance of cross training. One of the benefits of cross training is that it conditions muscles that are not used during sport-specific training. Cross training also helps athletes avoid burnout and plateau, aids injured athletes continue training without impact on the injured body part, and conditions the entire body.

The Top 10 Sports Psychology Articles Of 2014
Mental toughness, endurance, balance, motivation, and grit: These are only some of the qualities athletes who perform all kinds of sports need to develop. The articles found on this list will surely help athletes improve their mindset and eventually drive progress in the way they train and perform. The great thing about these articles is that they are free from the self-help nonsense can be found in common motivational write-ups. Topics of these articles include the science and the psychology behind motivation, a research on the mental toughness of athletes, the tell-tale signs of exercise addiction, and training as an older athlete.

History of Triathlon
Triathlon's roots can be traced back to 1974 in Mission Bay, Southern California where a group of friends began training together. There were runners, swimmers and cyclists and before long training sessions turned into informal races. Directed and conceived by Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan the first Mission Bay Triathlon was held on September 25th 1974 and welcomed 46 athletes. In Hawaii in 1978, an argument arose regarding which of the three disciplines required the greatest endurance. At that time Hawaii hosted The Waikiki Rough Water Swim (2.4 miles), The Oahu Bike Race (112 miles) and The Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles). Originally events in themselves, they were rolled into one to become the 'Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.' By 1982 the Hawaii Ironman gained extensive coverage on ABC World Wide Sport and participation levels had increased to 580 competitors. More history is included in this article.