Better Health Through Nutrition Resources (02)

Nutrition at Bastyr University
If you are considering a career in nutrition, it would do you good to look through the different nutrition degree programs Bastyr University offers. What differentiates Bastyr University nutrition programs from those of other schools is their focus on whole foods and natural medicine that is fully based on science. Degree programs include BS Nutrition, BS in Nutrition and Culinary Arts, and BS in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Bastyr also offers master and post-baccalaureate programs, as shown in the website where will find all kinds of information you need – from application requirements to the curriculum for each program, down to career opportunities that await graduates.

Keeping Soil Clean to Keep People Healthy
This site by the Soil Association exists to keep sustainable, organic farming on the rise to increase human health. The tagline of the association is healthy soil, healthy people, healthy planet. The United Kingdom-based group’s site features information about stopping contamination of organic foods, a consumer guide so you can find organic foods and know what’s in them, a library about soil-related topics, and updates on various festivals to promote healthy food. The ‘Why Organic’ site gives the basics about what organic food is, and why so many people are flocking to it.

Can Diet Prevent Colorectal Cancer?
There is a lot of scientific evidence that red meat and saturated animal fat, by themselves, increase your risk of getting colorectal cancer, explains Dr. Joel B. Mason, in this article about using diet and nutrition to prevent colon cancer. It says that this form of cancer seems to be the most intimately tied to diet and healthy eating, which is why many researchers are studying the best foods for preventing colon cancer. Dr. Robert M. Russell also contributes to the article, saying that the key components shared by these diets are significant amounts of calcium, vitamin D, folate or folic acid, vitamin E, fiber, selenium and garlic.

Calcium: How the Mineral Function
Although calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, people do not get enough of this important mineral. This article explains two types of calcium, one being that which is tightly bound within the bone and the other is on the bone. The article says that the skeleton serves as a bank of minerals for the body. The rest of this article explains the role of calcium in the body and notes that there are some conditions that affect calcium absorption.

New York’s Online Access to Health and Nutrition Information
Read up on the latest advancements in disease and condition treatment, and learn about procedures. The site also features local health resources, such as hospitals and clinics. Topics include cancer, dental care, environmental health, genetic disorders, heart and blood, brain and nervous system, diabetes, thyroid disorders, mental health, pregnancy, infections, AIDS, kidneys and liver, sleep disorders, stomach and intestinal problems and more.

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