Specific Room Design Ideas and Resources

Basement Decorating Ideas with Stone
The basement is one of the most difficult rooms to decorate because they’re usually dark and damp. Many feature concrete flooring and low-quality wood exteriors. Besides finishing the basement with proper flooring, walls and insulation, this website gives useful stone accessory decorating tips. It depends what you want to use your basement for; many people use it as a gaming addition or a recreational spot. Basements can be lit up beautifully using real stone lighting. The website has onyx lamps and other lighted onyx products, in addition to stone clocks and stone chess boards. The translucent properties of onyx allow light to permeate its stone exterior.

Give Your Home a Spa Look by Installing an Indoor Wall Water Fountain
You can add a touch of class to your home by installing an indoor fountain. This decorative accesssory, which at one time was only seen in high-end hotels and spas, is now being seen in more and more private residences. Visit this site to discover the benefits to installing a water fountain in your home and the three basic models available (which should not be confused with the hundreds of styles on the market). Discover the benefits of installing a table top fountain, a floor water fountain, and a wall fountain. Armed with this valuable information, you can decide which one best fits your needs and the space you had in mind.

Find Out Why You Should Consider a Corner Electric Fireplace for Your Home
There are good reasons to add a corner electric fireplace to your living space. Not only does this option give you more wall space in your home, but it creates an immediate focal point to the room. Available in standard and smaller sizes that are appropriate for apartment use, you will find helpful information about whether to choose a built-in or freestanding model. The author also shares personal experience about installing a corner electric fireplace.

About.com on Home Office Decorating
This site from About.com is a directory of some truly helpful articles on office decorating. Start with Budget Home Offices and learn tips and tricks for decorating your home office on a budget. With a little creativity and very little cash you can have the home office you've always dreamed of. Next check out Glossary of Office Furniture Terms and learn all the office terminology you'll need to sound like a pro. Add interest and drama to your office with Easy Lighting Projects. There are some projects you simply shouldn't tackle on your own. Find out when you need a professional's touch in You Might Need a Designer If.... From Home and Garden TV learn how to turn just about any room into a stylish and workable office. Now you have no excuse for not having the office you always wanted. In Window Cover Basics you'll learn everything you need to know about blinds, curtans and how to pick window treatments that go best with your décor and budget. There are several additional articles at this helpful site, so if you need an office, or if you have an office but it's just too drab and dull, then check out this site for some quick and helpful ideas on sprucing up your office for very little cash.

Kitchen Design
Although it's not essential, you can bring continuity to your home by designing the interior in the same theme as its exterior architectural style. Use the home and kitchen styles guide to identify the architectural style that most closely resembles that of your own home. Under each category, you'll find a description of the style's general characteristics and recommendations for what kinds of kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and architectural details would best complement it. This site features home styles and their descriptions, which include: American Colonial, Cape Cod, Farm House, Dutch Colonial, Saltbox, Classical, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Victorian, Eastlake, Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, Foursquare, Prairie, Modern, Art Deco and more.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas
It's not necessarily the case that you need to do a major and expensive decorating job to give your bathroom a whole new look. It can be as simple as changing towels and soap dishes and other small items. Even changing a few simple fixtures doesn't have to be that expensive or that time-consuming. This site contains a wealth of articles, everything from tips and helpful suggestions concerning bathroom accessories, to bathroom decor, to tips for decorating very samll bathrooms, to Bidet installation, stainless steel bathroom accessories, plumbing fixtures and a whole lot more. The bathroom is a much-used room and often overlooked when it comes to decorting. This site sheds some light on quick and easy and inexpensive ways to make your bathroom stand out as a place apart.

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