Organic Gardening Ideas and Resources

California Organic Gardening
This organic gardening guide for beginners explains the benefits of organic gardening and how to cultivate your own organic garden. The site discusses compost, pest control and locations for organic gardens. Organic gardens can be grown in your yard or a greenhouse and a trellis can be an important asset to your garden. California organic gardening can be a very rewarding hobby. Choose from various categories, including tomato gardening, snail and slug controls, lady bugs, fruit tree gardening, ant control, lawn pests, natural pest controls, fertilizers, red worms composting, vegetable seeds, herb seeds, whitefly control, and spring and summer bulbs.

Outdoor Fountains are a Great Addition to Your Garden Space
The last time you were looking at ceramic planters at a retailer, did you think that this type of container could be used to make a decorative outdoor fountain? Explore this site to get step-by-step instructions to take the ceramic container, some copper piping, a pump, and a pond liner. Get the information you need to create your own outdoor work of art in words and pictures and you will have your friends and neighbors wondering where you bought the lovely outdoor fountain.

Organically Grown Plants for Pets
This extremely unique and informative site offers container plants that offer enrichment of your pets and neighboring wildlife. This company has been growing plants for private owners and zoos for almost 10 years now. You can learn more about exotic plants which are safe for animals by checking out this site. First-hand growing tips and other information will be added on a monthly basis. Site sections include featured plant, articles, tropical plants, toxic plants, and useful links.

Organic Gardening Model
The aim of the Henry Doubleday Research Association's scientific research is to develop and improve the techniques used in organic agriculture and to advance the knowledge of organic production systems, focusing on commercial organic horticulture in temperate areas and on sustainable agriculture in developing countries. Includes a section on what to do in your garden, questions and answers, buying a compost box, blackcurrant pests, organic gardening events, seeds, education, visit organic gardens, how to make compost, organic pest control and more.

Gardening Tips, Advice and How-To Instruction
Sign up for the free gardening newsletter, which contains articles, tips and pointers on improving your garden, produced by a gardener and a garden writer. On this page, you'll find organic gardening articles. There's also articles on annuals, containers and window boxes, perennials, water gardening, lawn care, vegetable tips, herb comments and insects. You can also order gardening books by Doug Green on this site.

Organic Gardening Forum
Organic gardening forum, which includes discussions on permaculture, soil and composting, vermicomposting, grubs, boric acid, organic soil fungicides, Bermuda grass, scarlet runner beans, nematodes, flamethrowers, seeding, cold composting, hot composting, sheet composting, pit and trench composting, composting with coffee grounds, compost tea, compost tea brewing, interbay mulch, compost wood and more.

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