Kitchen Ideas and Resources

Wide Collection of Kitchen Designs
There are tons of different kitchen designs, ranging from traditional to modern ones. But in this page at, you can see more of them. This includes kitchens with mirrored furniture, retro Italian designs, Asian kitchen designs, country kitchen decors, traditional outdoor kitchens, free standing kitchen sinks, and others. You will also learn some tips on how to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets, how to do a kitchen makeover with less cost, what to do to a small kitchen wall, and the common kitchen design mistakes you should avoid. A separate article has suggestions on how to do a kitchen makeover if you are in a tight budget.

Kitchen Decorating Photo Galleries
This gallery is chock full of decorating ideas for kitchens. Using photo galleries, you can view sample kitchen and bath designs. Designs include kitchens, appliances, countertops and cabinets. Do-it-yourself or contractor kitchen remodelers can get ideas for kitchen makeovers here.

Quick and Easy Tips to Update Your Kitchen Now
Would you like to give your kitchen a fresh, updated look but don't have the money to spring for a full renovation project? House Beautiful comes to the rescue with a helpful slideshow which is chock full of ideas you can use right now to give your living space a facelift. The tips here include adding a table lamp to your kitchen counter or island, suspending your pots from a pot rack suspended from your ceiling, adding colorful decals to your backsplash tiles, and more. Explore the rest of the site to see a kitchen decorating guide, the latest colour ideas to brighten up your kitchen, the kitchen of the month for inspiration and tasty recipes to try.

Get Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Fit Any Budget
Updating your kitchen is a great way to give it a new look and increase your home's resale value in one step. Get tips on choosing new kitchen appliances which will be modern and functional, how to choose kitchen faucets and countertops which will fit in with the standard in your area without overimproving your home, and why painting your kitchen cabinets is a viable alternative to investing in new ones. If you are interested in learning about your options in kitchen flooring, you will find information about linoleum, ceramic tile and other popular choices. Keeping kitchen counters clear is a way to avoid a cluttered look, so be sure to click through to learn about available storage options.

Key Measurements for Desiging Your Kitchen
Steps are noted for those who want to start kitchen renovations. Tips include gathering everything you need, including graph paper, pencils, erasers, measuring tapes and calculators. Start with a rough drawing, then draw in walls and openings, and then draw in electrical and plumbing. Measure the kitchen appliances you plan to keep and indicate heating ducts on your drawing. Double check measurements and transfer this to the graph paper. You can bring this to a dealer who can help you choose cabinets and offer design ideas.

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