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Miami Real Estate Blog
The Miami Condo Ideas blog shares a common concern about the future prospects of Miami real estate market. Although Donald Trump has promised lower taxes and regulated immigration, dollar strength and strained relationships with other countries may have a direct impact on this market. Typically, foreign investors bring in a lot of cash flow into the Miami RE market, but now with changed political faces, foreign investors may be reluctant to invest here. The silver lining is that the domestic U.S. economy is strong enough to support the Miami real estate market. Donald Trump himself has major real estate investments in Florida. Thus he will probably woo foreign investors into Miami. People are patiently watching the RE market movements in Miami right now, but everyone is hoping real estate prices will decline in the near future. Now even the Chinese nationals are expressing interest in the Miami real estate market.

Top 10 Reasons Hotel Investments Fail
If you want to venture into hotel investment business, than this Vesta Hospitality report is a must read. Although some people have tasted success through their own ingenuity, many people fail and after they fail, they blame everyone but themselves. In reality, failure or success is usually the result of bad decisions, which the failed investors do not easily own up to. This report lists 10 common reasons for failure in the hotel investment business and the preventive measures that to avoid the 10 decision traps. Read this report to find out more about the 10 cited reasons of failure in hotel investment, such as selecting the wrong people, lack of preparation for market cycles, weak location, poor quality underwriting, lack of discipline (over leveraging), cost overruns, competition, insufficient working capital, outdated management, and poor property maintenance and service.

Why You Should Consider Real Estate Investing in Your Twenties
This Money Under 30 article encourages RE investors to start young, preferably in the early 20s. Young investors are usually cash strapped, so if a young RE investor invests in rental properties, that investment strategy will bring in steady cash flow for tackling monthly bills. Also, rental turn into excellent investments over a period of time, so it is always better to start young. The younger investors generally have fewer commitments, so they can take more risks. On an investor gets bogged down with family life, work, and other commitments, investing in rental properties can become a tough proposition. The down side of rental investments is that all rental properties require regular upkeep and maintenance, so these young investors will have to budget for property maintenance, which can swallow 10% to 20% of their rental budget.

Supply Glut Badgers Singapore Hospitality Sector
This SBR article reports that the Singapore real estate market continues to suffer from oversupply woes, thus dragging REITs growth by its feet. OCBC Investment Research firm reports that room stock increase of 6.5 percent in 2015 brought the RevPAR down to negative 5.3 percent. The YoY growth in RevPAR declined from negative 2.1 percent to negative 9.2 percent in 2016. The room stock increase also affected the average room rates (ARR), which declined by 4.8 percent and average occupancy rates (AOR), which decreased by 0.5 percent. 2016 witnessed the rise in hotel rooms though the market demand remained weak.

5 Basic Tips for Investing in Real Estate
Here are five great tips on RE investing from a Huffington Post article. The author, a seasoned investor himself, offers these sound tips for someone new to real estate. The five tips include assessing the property location carefully before making a buying decision; identifying whole sale properties with price discounts; choosing a building that enables claiming tax deduction over a period of 27 years for a residential property, and over 30 years for commercial property; maintaining an excellent credit rating for future loans; and ensuring that your rental property generates at least 1 percent of the price of the property in rentals per month.

Top 7 Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites for Investors
The author of this article has written this guide to help new investors identify good RE crowd funding programs from thousands of bad ones, pick appropriate investment models, and get familiar with new investment models. From a huge line up of crowd funding sites out there, the author has judiciously selected only seven, which are, in his opinion, well-funded, well executed, and trustworthy. The guide includes Acquire Real Estate, Fundrise, Peer Street, RealtyShares, Alphaflow, CrowdStreet, and RealCrowd. The full guide is available for download.

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