Resources for Healthy, Active Senior Lifestyle (02)

Active Adults: Housing Options for Seniors
No matter what kind of housing you choose, this site from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development explains senior living options. Find out what kind of housing is best for you or someone you care for. Links to Meals on Wheels programs, in-home help, housing loans for elders, reverse mortgages and a section on home repair for the elderly is included for those who can stay at home. You or someone you love may want to consider a senior apartment; the site has links to affordable rent, public housing and rural rental help. Plenty of information on senior housing and aging are included here, making this a resourceful spot to learn about health and housing.

Safe Travels for Savvy Elders: Tips for a Safe Vacation
Retirement is a stage of life that now accounts for 20 percent of the average adult's life span. This explosive extension of the retirement years is a result of a 50 percent increase in life expectancy, from 49 to 74 years since 1900. Today, instead of spending an average of only 1.3 years in retirement, people can look forward to at least 14 years of retirement living, according to Prof. David Demko, of the AgeVenture News Service. He offers these senior travel safety tips for the elderly and active adults who venture out on trips. These pointers include making sure you have enough time and money to see all the sites, taking comfortable clothing, keeping an open and patient mind, using travelerís checks instead of cash, carrying emergency phone numbers, traveling with a buddy and sticking to their regular diet as much as possible. Taking a trip? Tons of senior safety travel tips are right here!

Aging and Elders
Seniors experience the aging process, which involves growth and development. This site provides information on elder health, symptoms and tests, treatment and information on staying healthy. Topics covered include: aging and brain health, Alzheimerís disease, dementia, genetics, living with arthritis, low energy, impotence, mammograms, aging and weight loss for seniors, aging and exercise, food safety, and more. More information includes information for the elderly about research, facts and figures and more. Improve senior health by learning about prevention and treatment here.

Senior Housing News: Whatís New
Senior citizen housing is an important topic, especially with the number of baby boomers moving into retirement. This site provides the latest on important housing information and housing assistance for elders. It discusses housing grant assistance available to the elderly, and other health-related topics such as fall prevention through home modifications and remodeling, and how to make your home elder-friendly. There is a discussion board where seniors and caregivers can talk to others about housing issues, and also includes links to assisted living, financial and prescription information for seniors. Updated regularly so you can stay on top of senior housing and care management news.

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