Do-it-yourself Home Improvement Ideas and Resources

Roofing and Waterproofing: Construction, Codes, Insulation
From, a plethora of information on how to build a roof, including all codes to finish the job. Topics covered include trusses, layout, framing, sheathing the roof, soffits, felt, gutters, shingles and a checklist and glossary. Miscellaneous roofing articles cover such topics as fallproofing a roof, framing hip roofs, how to buy roofing, ice dames, mold growth, roof flashing, rubber roofs, slate roofs, ventiliation, water holes, why roofs leak, and roof inspection and certification. The site offers a discussion forum on roofing and waterproofing issues. Takes on DIY Auto Painting
Detailed instructions about how to perform auto body painting are posted on this informative site. Tips include how to mask off certain areas before applying the paint, the way to apply a primer coat and how to apply the finish coat to the car. In the market for a auto painting Los Angeles? Visit Westwood Auto Body in West LA. They offer a lifetime guarantee on their work.

Build a Fire Pit and Patio Table Fire Pit
Get a list of materials, as well as step-by-step instructions for building your own outdoor fire pit by visiting this web site. You will also find the information you need to construct your own patio table fire pit. For the latter project, you will need to buy a fire pit bowl basin that will fit into the center depression of the fire pit. Whichever project you choose, you can look forward to hours of enjoyment by the fire.

Six Steps to Building Indoor Wall Water Fountains
Wall water fountains make a dramatic and sophisticated statement to any space. Did you know that you can install your own in six simple steps? It's true and this site will guide you through the process, which may take less than an hour to complete. A list of tools is provided and you will still need to read the instructions that comes with the model you have selected to make sure that you are installing the unit correctly. A great tip provided here is to place the fountain on a 2x4 after you remove it from the packaging; this will make the wall fountain easier to life when the time comes to lift it into place.

Get DIY Instructions for Huge Bean Bag Chairs
Making your own huge bean bag chair doesn't have to be a daunting task when you check out the instructions listed here. You can find instructions that you can follow on a step-by-step basis, and you can adapt them for any size, from large bean bags to one that would fit in a child's room. Find out about your options for stuffing your bean bag chair and how to make sure you have filled it to the right level before completing the project.

Which Renovations Give You the Most Return for Your Money
Decisions about whether to renovate your home need to be made carefully. Find out which ones will give you the best return for the money you spend on them by checking out this informative article from This Old House. Find out why you should be putting your funds into the kitchen and bathroom areas, and why a swimming pool may not be the best choice from a resale standpoint. Helpful tips, such as why you should be considering a facelift in your kitchen rather than a complete upgrade, the value of choosing classic colors and why it's impportant to consider the value of your home relative to your neighborhood are included. The article goes on to caution against over-renovating and explain that the length of time the owner intends to stay on the propert is an important consideration before staring a major renovation project.

NOFMA Guidelines for the Handling, Installation and Care of Hardwood Flooring
For more than half a century, the Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association has been setting and administering the industry standards for wood flooring. As befitting this mission, the NOFMA's site provides the basics on wood flooring for non-professionals. Information on the shrinking and expansion of wood floors, on the causes of gaps, on the cures for panelizing and the need for a vapor retarder can be found under "Tip Sheets," along with pointers for treating powderpost beetle infestation, handling and storing oak flooring, avoiding "chatter" marks, restoring flood-damaged floors. A great feature of this site is the Hardwood Strip Flooring Square Foot Java Calculator and a manual for finishing hardwood floors that includes professional answers to frequently asked questions.

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