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Step-by-Step Rug Hooking Guide from WikiHow
Rug hooking, being both an art and craft in the U.S. since the 1600, is not really that hard to do. In this illustrated step-by-step guide on WikiHow, you will learn the procedure of latch hooking a rug by yourself. First, you need to purchase a latch hooked rug kit. Then you will know the things to prepare such as the rug design you want to create and how to create a rug frame. Next, you will learn how to make loops and the do's and don'ts. The third part comes with the detailed instruction in rug hooking. The last part is the finishing process where you bind the rug using your hands or a sewing machine.

How to Make Your Own Locker Hook Rug
If you plan to make your own locker hook rug, follow this step-by-step procedure at For the materials, this includes the rug canvas, aluminum locker hook, acrylic yarn, tapestry needle and scissors. The first step is to make the edges of the rug. Second, whip stitch all the edges of the canvas. The next step is locker hooking, wherein it is recommended to use only an arm's length of yarn for the locking medium because it is faster and easier to pull than a longer length. For faster learning, each process comes with a short tutorial video.

Handed Braided Rugs by BRAIDS
This site by a braided rug artist who seels rugs has photos of a wide variety of interesting braided rugs in the Customer Gallery, but they are not for sale and just represent samples of them work. Inspiration is everywhere on this site, along with information on the rug braiding process. If you'd like to order a rug, there is a size and color page to choose from, as BRAIDS will decsign and create a hand-braided rug that is uniquely yours. For those who are inspired enough to want to learn more about rug braiding or making custom rugs or rag rugs or basically any type of country-style rug there are several rug-making camps held year-round and classes that can be taken to learn this traditional folk art. If you wish to ask questions about rug braiding or to contact rug braiders in your area .

Hooked Rugs Dye Information
Resources for rug hooking are available at this website, which includes informative links to rug websites. Her books Dyeing Without Dye and Dyeing by the Number are expert resources. Site also includes a gallery of her rug creations,

How to Paint a Trompe L'oeil Rug
Trompe L'oel is from a French word, and it is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three dimensions. It was and still is popularly used in murals, which might show a window, door or hallway to suggest a larger room. In this how-to article by Diane Henkler she had painted a colorful rug on a hardwood floor. She tells you hoow to paint an area of your own floor to look like a colorful area rug. Learn how to prepare the area by priming the surface and taping it off, and then paint in the base colors of each part of the rug using a stencil design, which you can download from the site.

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