New Construction Resources (01)

To Hire A Contractor Or Not? Gives Its Two Cents
Home construction, remodeling and building projects present homeowners with two options—a do-it-yourself opportunity or the chance to hire a professional contractor. Deciding whether or not a home improvement project is within your skills and abilities can be a tempting and difficult prospect, and offers their perspective. This article details the whys and hows of hiring a licensed professional for your project, tips for finalizing a contract and how to save on your bill. There are also links provided that can set you up with a contractor in your area, or post your project.

Roof Repair Hints, Tips and More Offered on this Site offers visitors information about a number of different roof repair issues that they may encounter. This is a valuable resource for consumers who want to learn about the causes of problems that would require a roof repair, as well as emergency repairs to different types of roof styles (flat, low sloped, average and steep sloped). Internet users will also find hints and tips, as well as a section in a Q&A format. Visitors also have the option to submit their own roof repair questions to get the information they need.

Get Your Propane Fire Pit Questions Answered on YouTube
YouTube offers a selection of videos on the subject of propane fire pits for your viewing pleasure. Find out how to select the right propane fire pit for your needs and learn about propane fire pit tables. Fire safety tips are among the offerings posted here, as well as information about fire pit glass. If you are considering adding a propane fire pit to your backyard, check out these video offerings first for information you can use.

Where The Words "Mud" and "Dry" Come Together: Drywall Installation
It's sounds like an oxymoron, right? The Contractor Guide is here to tell you—mudding know-how does come in handy with building projects such as drywall installation. The site's do-it-yourself section on this particular home improvement job answers all of your building questions. You'll learn how to measure and order drywall, choose the right tools for the job, prepare your project site, and how to install drywall properly and safely. You'll even get to play with mud—at least three times!

The American Homeowners Association Provides Tips on Energy-Efficient Homebuilding
Prospective homeowners in the design and architecture phase of their construction project are in a fantastic position to consider the energy efficiency status of their building plans. If you are looking for ideas to boost energy efficiency in your construction project, this site has a detailed article on the subject. There's information on the benefits of "going green," along with tips about insulation requirements, HVAC systems and the evolution of design around the "thermal envelope."

Learn How To Build A Compost Bin With Advice From
A compost bin is not just a cardboard box behind the garage, filled with grass clippings. But it doesn't have to be a difficult design and build project, either. With this site, you can learn how to design and build a compost bin that fits your family's needs, in just three steps. Compost bins can be constructed out of bricks, concrete blocks, wire, snow fencing or wood, which gives you a lot of design options. And because compost bins don't require floors or covers, it's an easy do-it-yourself project. Follow this site's instructions and you'll be making your own fertilizer in no time.