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Dr. Dave's Answers to Frequently Asked Questions ABout Pool Tables and Accessories
This detail-oriented page is on Colorado State University's site is from discussion forums maintained for the book The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards and DVD series on pool shoots and pool practice and instructional articles from Billiads Digest. It covers very specific topics such as cloth effects, cloth types and brands, how to draw lines on the cloth for lining up practice shots and marketing the rack location, equipment specifics, how to safely and effectively clean and maintain a poll table, humidiy effects on table play, standard pocket sizes for various types of tables, the speed of the cloth and how to measure it, standard table sizes and size of room required for each, and various terminology used to describe different features on a pool table. .

Free Pool Lessons
This section on Easy Pool Tutor contains articles organized into lesson plans tp learn the game of pool, or become a better player. You'll learn the fundamentals of pocket billiards, how to aim and pocket balls, the three basic shots in pool, the basics of controlling the cue ball, understanding how to spin the cue ball for shotmaking and position play, advanced shots, banks shots and kick shots, and advanced position play. Grips, stances, aiming, bridges, addressing the ball, banking, putting English on the ball, combos, masse, kiss, and the jump shot are just some of the topics covered. Other articles deal with such things as equipment and mental toughness, as well as how to practice to improve, and safety and defense. Also provided are instructional articles by specific pool professionals.

CueSport Billiard Academy
CueSport Billiard Academy is a pool and billiard school offering courses that help people improve their pool game since 1963. Courses are available for beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional players. The courses teach fundamentals of aiming, stroke, stance and delivery.

Pool and Billiards Articles by PoolDawg Academy
The website of PoolDawg Academy provides several articles on pool and billiards by professional players. Topics covered include instruction, from bank and cut shots to safety plays, the physics of billiards, the stretch, the throw, breaking, the kiss out, bar rules, hustling, gambling, the official rules of pool, and 3-cushion billiards. Examples of articles: 6 Tips for Mastering the Mechanical Bridge, How to Aim a Cut Shot, How Does Tip Hardness Affect Spin, The Beauty of Center Table, The Best Little Kick Shot in the World, Four Hook Banking System, Does Pool Cue Length Really Matter, and Gasp! Your Duide to Billiards Breathing. The site also has sections on billards basics, instructional videos, guest instructors, maintenance tips and buying guides.

American Poolplayers Association
Request your copy of the American Poolplayers Association magazine. The American Poolplayers Association (APA) was founded by professional poolplayers Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart in 1979 as the National Pool League, which became the American Poolplayers Association in 1981. The two realized the popularity of the sport, but knew that, different from other sports, there was no existing recreational league system. You must be a member of the American Poolplayers Association to do so. This website provides a request form to obtain your copy of the pool and billiard magazine.

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