Do-it-yourself Home Lighting Projects

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DIY Landscaping Lighting Tutorial
Outdoor lighting can transform a drab curbside at night into something dramatic and unique. But that does not mean you have to break the bank just to put up a landscaping light scheme. This tutorial from Thrifty Décor Chic offers an enlightening take on DIY-ing your outdoor lights. It is a rather long post because it tackles everything from figuring out how to position the lights in your yard or garden, choosing between path lights, deck lights or floodlights, determining cable length, matching and assembling lights, down to the installation itself. Installing the lights are fairly quick and easy and the results are beautiful!

How to Install a Dimmer Switch
This web page on the Home Depot website gives detailed instructions and offers pictures and many videos for a step by step tutorial on installing a dimmer switch for your light fixture. This is perfect for the do-it-yourself home owner. It provides directions in numerous steps, as well as a list of tools and materials needed. You will learn how to create a range of suble variations in lighting with a dimmer switch.

How To Build Your Own Light Saber
A website for Star Wars fans with an interest in bulding light sabers. This site contains instructions, drawings, photos, and parts lists for building your own light saber prop. It is not a working light saber, but more of a fun idea. The design developed contains, for the most part, parts that are very easy to find and quite inexpensive. Parts include a chrome tube or pipe, an extra canister vacuum cleaner attachment tube, a PVC coupler, high-density foam weather stripping, and latex paint.

21 DIY Lamps & Chandeliers You Can Create From Everyday Objects
DIY projects are becoming more and more popular these days, which is a good thing. Not only do these projects allow for creativity; they also help in reducing, reusing and recycling, which helps us lessen our waste imprint. This BoredPanda article features 21 DIY chandeliers and lamps you can try your hand at. These projects are cheap, attractive and fun to do, especially if you are the crafting type. While the step-by-step tutorials are not included in the feature, the photos provide enough ideas for adventurous crafters who want to take on the task. Go on, you can surely try your hand at making a plastic spoon lamp, a cool recycled tetra box lamp, a drum chandelier, or even a carved calabash lamp.

Create Your Own Lighting Modifier on a Budget
If you are a photographer like South African-based Fred van Leeuwen, you probably have a small studio setup in your own home. Of course, you need a softbox, which is probably every photographer’s favorite lighting accessory. But why shell out almost a grand to buy your softbox when you can make one yourself? In this Fstoppers article, van Leeuwen tells about how he was able to make a softbox by following the book Tinker Tubes Personal Lighting Systems written by Dean Collins, the late lighting guru. The softbox is not just economical – it is also mobile, easy to set up and easy to store.

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