Do-it-yourself Home Lighting Projects

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21 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas
Itching to do some crafting with your hands and your extra time? Why not do some DIY lighting projects? This resource provides 21 creative lighting fixtures ideas you could make yourself or take inspiration from. Who says home improvement is expensive? By using everyday objects like tin cans, mason jars, cups, wine bottles, cloth, paper and other similar materials, you can come up with aesthetically pleasing and unique light fixtures to beautify your home with. You can make yourself some globe pendant lamps, a dry ribbon lamp shade, a garden lampshade, a faux capiz chandelier, and even a chandelier made of tree branches and twigs!

50 DIY Pendant Light Projects on
Want to create your own pendant light without spending a dime for materials? Then, this list of 50 DIY ideas at is what you are looking for. All of these projects are made from recycled materials, such as old kitchen utensil holder, paper scrap, empty soda cans or beer cans, leftover metal sheets, used large tin cans, old cardboard, exhaust fan cover, old enameled colanders, outdated maps, old Roman shades, wood sticks, ping pong balls and even yarn pom-poms. True enough, your creativity in these projects can prove that one man's trash can be another person's treasure.

24 Clever DIY Ways To Light Your Home on
Providing beautiful lighting for your home is not as hard as you think. All you need is to apply some creativity and you can do it by yourself. If you need some bright ideas, check these 24 home lighting DIY projects at that come with stunning photos. Here, you shall see how an empty wine bottle was used as an outdoor sconce. There is also a simple guide on how to create your own artistic chandelier using only plastic spoons and a water jug. Other projects are made up of paper cups, empty cans, rope, straws, and paper.

Home Electrical and Lighting Projects on This Old House
The electrical section on This Old House's website offers how to fix wiring problems, installing and using dimmer switches, lighting for senior citizens and lighting for nicer home decoration. Home lighting falls in three categories: ambient, task, and accent. The main living areas of a home should have a flexible combination of all three. Ambient lighting provides general illumination - the background brightness that gives a room a comfortable glow. It helps you move through a room safely and easily. Indirect uplights, such as wall sconces, light rooms softly and evenly for a diffuse effect. For senior citizens, increased wattage and luminosity are just the beginning. Not only does an older eye need a 100-watt lamp where a 60 once sufficed, but it also needs consistent light, whiter light, and glare-free light.

6 Creative DIY Home Lighting Ideas
Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage today. Whether you would like to refashion an old piece of clothing into something useful or decorative or turn a boring, everyday object into a striking piece of art, you will surely find some tutorial that will show you how. Why buy when you can make your own, right? In this article, you will find six clever ideas on how to create your own chandelier or light pendant. You can make nifty and elegant-looking light fixtures with the use of some yarn, ping pong balls, coffee filters, marquee letters, feathers, and even some bamboo skewers the choice is yours!

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