Do-it-yourself Home Lighting Projects

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11 DIY Ways to Decorate With String Lights All Year
String lights, anyone? Contrary to what most people are used to, string lights are not just used as Christmas decors. They can also be used for various lighting projects, thanks to their artsy and minimalist effect. Not sure about how to use string lights in your home? This article from The Spruce features different ways about how string lights can be used as indoor décor. You can put up an autumn-inspired look with a fall leaf garland or decorate the house for Halloween by using some string lights instead of candles in your jack-o-lanterns. You can illuminate a favorite piece of art with string lights, and even make light globes for your garden.

25 Illuminating DIY Lighting Projects
Create your own unique lighting design using these 25 creative DIY lighting ideas. This includes cardboard chandelier, wire waste basket, geometric wire lampshade, cube pendant light, illuminated bouquet, mini marquee, electric umbrella, ping pong lights, yarn lanterns, light up headboard, work light bundle, Sputnik chandelier, hoop lights, dodecahedron, wax paper capiz shells, and vintage marquee, the official marquee of Brit + Co.. Each project comes with a step-by-step procedure on how you can create them, along with the things you need. Note that these materials are very affordable and can be easily bought from stores. A lot of them are common household items and you probably have them already.

How to Install Track Lighting
Learn how to install track lighting, which uses individual lamps and lighting heads that fit into tracks secured to your ceiling. The choices in lighting heads for track lighting range from small, unobtrusive can-shaped fixtures to large, high-tech lamps that lend drama to an interior space. Tips for installing track lighting include studying the layout of the room, and planning for the first section of installation. Making sure to shut off the circuit breaker is key, followed by removing the globe or diffuser and bulb from the existing ceiling fixture. Using a toggle-bolt-type hollow-wall fastener, the lengths of track are held to the ceiling. With all the tracks and connectors assembled and secured to the ceiling, it's time to attach the electrical wires that supply power to the system. By resuming power, you can check your work and make sure the lighting is functional. Photos make this track lighting installation website helpful.

Huge Compilation of DIY Light and Lampshade Projects
Craving for wonderful lampshades? Create your own using this huge collection of DIY light and lampshade projects on Here, you can browse some lamp making tutorials such as how to create your own Starry Night canvas art. Among the notable ideas presented here are recycled CD lamp, drilled can lanterns, jar lanterns, wire ball pendant light, ruffle lamp, and hanging globe lights. There are also links to articles explaining some creative ways to decorate paper lanterns. You can also watch some YouTube video tutorials on how to create different styles of creative craft lamps.

24 DIY Light Bulb Projects (Photo Gallery)
Non-working light bulbs are usually considered as trash, but this photo gallery of light bulb projects will prove to you that you can still use them. All of the 24 brilliant ideas here are very easy to do as long as you have a very creative mind. Some bulbs were transformed into wonderful flower vases, while others were used as containers and decorative items especially for Christmas. One particular bulb was converted into a mini aquarium, while another one was used as earring. However, it was noted that you should be very careful when dealing with bulbs because they contain glass and chemicals.

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