Do-it-yourself Home Lighting Projects

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Wiring and Case Diagrams
An interactive site where visitors can enter their lamp type, quantity and wattage and voltage to optain wiring and case diagrams. Site is home to the workhorse electronic ballasts information center.

41 Night Lights You Can Buy or Do Them Yourself brings to you a compilation of 41 creative night lights. You can buy some of them while others are easy-to-do DIY projects. Among these cute designs that are available in stores are baby birdhouse lamp, small baseboard mouse house, gummy bear night light, giraffe wall light, color-changing rods, bunny night light, blue bird night light, hedgehog night light, balloon night Light, cloud night light with stars, rechargeable shell night light, galaxy night light, portable night owl night light, and many more. The designs that you can do yourself are cloud night light, pyramid LED night light, rope rug night light, and birdcage lamp with curtains.

21 Easy-to-do DIY Lighting Ideas
If you want to create your own wonderful lighting designs for your home but you don't have any idea, check these 21 creative DIY lighting projects. Among them are hemp string pendant lamp, stainless steel pendant light, book lampshade, snowball wall light, bamboo orb pendant lamp, folded paper lamp, tree branch chandelier, faux capiz chandelier, glass bottle pendant lamp, diamond ribbon lampshade, ruffled ribbon lampshade, drop cloth lamp, candle holder pendant shades, recycled wine bottle torch and many more. Most of these projects have easy-to-follow instructions and the set of materials that you need.

How To Build a Plant Light Stand
This article on Vegetable Gardener gives detailed instructions on an easy-to-intermediate DIY grow light stand made entirely of PVC, with the required metal hardware. The cost is less than $60.00. The article lists all the supplies you need and provides step-by-step instructions and photos for construction.

Christmas Lighting Safety Tips
Tips include using extra low voltage equipment, following manufacturer instructions, avoiding temporary decorative lighting above or around your pool, using a plug board with overload protection if the installation requires high-powered lights such as flood lights, using weather proof outdoor connections, not altering or modifying light kits, keeping lights and equipment clear of overhead power lines, securing outdoor lights to avoid breakage and connecting lights with a safety switch. More safe outdoor lighting tips are also included.

How To Make Your Own Lamp
Courtesy of, this article provides entertaining instructions on how to create your own table lamp from a simple electric blender or just about anything you have in your home.

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