Do-it-yourself Home Lighting Projects

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Lighting DIY 101
If you wish to update the aesthetics of a room in your house but do not have the resources for it, you can simply change its lighting scheme. And because lighting fixtures are not cheap, you are probably wondering how you can update your room’s lighting without spending a fortune. Wonder no more, because this article from Design Sponge features DIY lighting fixture ideas such as custom lampshades, pendant lights, marquee letter lights, and even birdcage chandeliers. The article does not just feature photos; it also includes links that open to individual tutorials and details. The article also provides links to lamp rewiring as well as a guide for replacing ceiling lights.

The Lighting Research Center: Advancing the Effective Use of Light for Society and the Environment
This homepage for the Lighting Research Center is divided into three sections: LRC Programs, Research Topics, and Education. The LRC Programs section offers detailed information about the different projects on which the LRC is currently working. Current projects include: Light and Health; Lighting Futures; Lighting Metrics, Lighting Transformations; and Outreach Education. The Research section of the site offers comprehensive information about the different research projects that are currently taking place at the LRC. Many of the reports are available for free in a downloadable .pdf format. Current research subjects include ballasts, controls, daylighting, lamps, architectural, commercial, institutional, residential, outdoor, and security lighting. The Education section of the site details the country's first and only university-accredited program leading to a master of science in lighting. Topics in the Education section include information about the graduate program; admissions and financial aid information; student life and alumni information; lighting seminars; and their online education program.

21 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas
Are you planning to build a new home or maybe renovate your old one? Then make sure you include lighting in your design plan. On the Internet, you can find many designs that can inspire a new look, as well as provide your rooms with the kind of light that you need. However, this is easier said than done. You would need to consider your resources, especially your budget. How can you afford a $500 chandelier or those expensive pendants? This article features 21 do-it-yourself lighting ideas you can try on your own. With some wire, glue, cloth and a lot of creativity, you can have those elegant light fixtures without breaking the bank.

Lighting with Energy and Efficiency in Mind
An article from the State of Michigan's website discusses the enormous energy savings to be had from use of energy-efficient equipment, controls, and careful design. It talks about how it is a high return, low-risk investment for commercial concerns like hotels, and that it enhances quality and reduces impact on the environment. The facts on incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting, high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting and low-pressure sodium lighting is outlined, along with the basics on using dimmers, occupancy sensors, timers, photo cells or snap switches. Tips on designing a space to make better use of daylight is included, along with instructions for proper maintenance of interior lighting fixtures to improve output.

25+ DIY Light Fixture Projects for Every Skill Level
Do you have a good eye for design? If you love arts and crafts, then your home must be peppered with DIY items that are both decorative and useful. A good home design is not limited to furniture and other furnishings. It includes good lighting, too. In this article, you will find creative and crafty ideas about designing light fixtures. Even if you are not particularly crafty, you will find this resource helpful because it features lighting projects for beginning, intermediate, and expert crafters. Have a ball trying your hand at making a geometric pendant light for your living room, designing a moon and stars headboard for your child’s bedroom, or a bushel basket pendant light for your kitchen.

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